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WorkSight Success Stories

In late December 2015, a customer purchased a new John Deere250GLC excavator from Nortrax. Tom Alborn, Product Support Technology Representative(PSTR) from the Ft. Myers branch reached out to the customer on several occasions to sit down and set up his JDLink™ account, as well as provide training on the JDLink Web Portal. Unfortunately, the customer was working on the other side of the state, and with an incredibly heavy work load, was unable to meet with Tom to complete these important steps.

However, that didn’t stop Tom from adding the customer’s machine to the SE Region’s Machine Monitoring Alert Group, which is carefully watched over by Brian Truitt, SE Region Machine Monitoring Specialist. So when Brian began to receive multiple JDLink alerts for engine de-rate and fuel filter restrictions on this excavator, he immediately reached out to the Ft. Myers Service Team. They promptly contacted the customer and advised him to replace the fuel filter, as soon as possible.

When the customer arrived at the branch to pick up the filters, he mentioned to the Certified Parts Adviser (CPA) how impressed he was that Nortrax Service had called him, because he had no idea there was even an issue with the machine. He then asked the CPA if they could speak to the PSTR who had been calling him.

Tom introduced himself and explained it would only take a short time to get the customer’s account set up. The customer used his smartphone to quickly create the account and then Tom had the opportunity to demonstrate many of the features available. The customer was especially interested in how he could use JDLink to track his maintenance schedule, as well as provide him near real time text or email alerts should his machine experience any more fuel related issues.

Since this customer sometimes works in areas that can be prone to machine theft, the JDLink features, like geo-fence and curfew, were a big hit. The customer left Nortrax that day, sold on the benefits of JDLink!

Tom reports that it can be challenging to get customers to take the time out of their busy schedules to do the necessary account set up. But once they start the process, they are immediately asking questions, and wanting to see all the information JDLink can tell them about their machines.

Training customers on how to utilize JDLink is just one of the tasks our Nortrax PSTRs are performing each day here at Nortrax. We Stand Ready.