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WorkSight Success Stories
Strengthening customer relations with technology and proactive support.

Jim Hicks, a recent addition to the Nortrax team in Peterborough, Ontario, has embraced the role of Product Support Technology Representative (PSTR) and brings a wealth of product support experience to his position at Nortrax. “I pulled wrenches for over 35 years as a Field Service Technician, where experience has taught me time and time again, that early and rapid response is the best way to mitigate machine downtime,” said Jim.

Jim and his peers have access to advanced tools such as the industry exclusive Remote Diagnostics and Programing, and when combined with the Nortrax exclusive Machine Health Prescriptions (MHP), can deliver exceptionally high levels of uptime and productivity.

An example of these benefits was recently demonstrated on a 650K dozer belonging to Behan Construction Limited. They’re a construction company based out of Cobourg, Ontario, that was founded in 1960, and an industry leader in sewer and water, road construction, and site development.

Daniel Gove, a Machine Monitoring Specialist (MMS) based in Mississauga, received a JDLink™ alert notification identifying a potential issue with the 650K’s engine emissions control system. Using the Intelligent Alert Triage Center (IATC) application, Daniel quickly relayed important information through to Jim’s IATC mobile app. With this information, Jim could see the machine’s location and the health symptoms related to the alert being triggered by an engine sensor. This had the potential to de-rate the machine during its next exhaust after treatment cycle.

“I was extremely impressed with the work Daniel had completed during his thorough investigation of the alert,” added Jim. As part of the MHP process, Daniel had noted that new Engine Control Unit (ECU) software had recently been released that adjusted the perimeters of certain engine sensors.

This new software payload was available to remotely reprogram the ECU, potentially eliminating the need for an onsite service call to replace engine sensors. Armed with this critical information, Jim confidently reached out to Behan’s service manager and explained the details of the MHP. The Service Manager indicated he was grateful for the tip regarding not changing the sensor, since while they have a great maintenance staff, they may have replaced unnecessary parts without knowing the underlying issues concerning outdated software. Behan’s service manager contacted their onsite foreman, who at that time was not aware of the issue. The foreman then spoke to the operator, who indicated he had seen multiple alerts, but had only noted it on his time card because the machine appeared to be running normally. “I coordinated with the service manager and onsite foreman to drop by the site at noon to update the software,” said Jim. Meanwhile, Daniel remotely sent the new software to the machine where it was waiting when Jim arrived. “The operator was amazed at the technology, so he sat with me for the next 10-15 minutes it took to do the software update. We used this time to increase his knowledge of other machine features and I instructed him on how to confidently download any future updates himself,” added Jim.

Tom Behan, owner of Behan Construction, chuckled as he shared his thoughts on the entire repair process. “This is everything I like to hear… someone called us to tell us about an issue with our machine before we even knew about it. Then they tell us to save our money and not replace the sensor, followed by a solution that can be implemented right on our jobsite site while my guys stop for lunch.” Tom added, “Bottom line, this not only saved me the cost of a service call plus a three-hour travel charge, but it also averted downtime and delays on my very busy jobsite.”

Tom recently took possession of a new 624K wheel loader with the confidence that John Deere and Nortrax will be there to support him and his growing company for years to come.