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WorkSight Success Stories

Mississauga Ontario teammates Paul Ianni, Product Support Technology Representative (PSTR), and Brian Howorth, Territory Manager, recently had an opportunity to meet with a large customer to discuss their needs to update one of their dozers. “We knew prior to the meeting that the customer was very interested in understanding his historical cost per hour of operation, and ensuring they maximized the productivity on the planned new machine purchase,” shared Paul. Armed with that knowledge, Paul and Brian prepared for the meeting by gathering information such as historical work order information and carefully reviewing JDLink™ Ultimate data. “Our meeting with the company’s Operations Manager required we get VERY familiar with their specific operating costs,” echoed Brian.

“By consulting JDLink Ultimate data on their current machine we could look at things such as engine utilization and transmission speeds to support our recommendations for the size of the new machine we were proposing,” added Paul. Another critical factor in the customers purchasing decision was the type of after sale support they needed for this specific machine. “The customer was already familiar with Nortrax Uptime Uptime, but we knew we’d need to ensure the package was tailored to me their specific needs,” shared Brian.

Nortrax Ultimate Uptime features many key components and benefits to ensure customers can maximize their productivity and uptime, while also ensuring a competitive cost per hour of operation. “The great thing about Nortrax Ultimate Uptime is that we use a basic building block approach to stack layers of support into the program to really ensure it fits our customers’ requirements,” said Paul. Nortrax Uptime Uptime employs services such as PSTR and Machine Monitoring support, with the ability to customize preventative maintenance packages.

“Once we had the specifics of the Ultimate Uptime package dialed in, we finished up with a final review of some of the features we use in JDLink to ensure the customer’s ownership experience is a great one,” added Brian. “By explaining things like idle time management, we can really dial in on the exact warranty package the customer requires, while at the same time reviewing fuel savings opportunities,” shared Paul.

By combining effective teamwork and cutting-edge support tools, the Mississauga team successfully demonstrated the value that Nortrax and John Deere offer and received an order for a new John Deere 750K complete with an Ultimate Uptime Package.