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WorkSight Success Stories

Eric Stoller, a Product Support Technology Representative (PSTR) who supports customers for both our Duluth, MN and Ashland, WI locations, brings a wealth of experience to his position at Nortrax. “I spent a number of years at a John Deere agricultural dealership selling and supporting their technology products to a wide variety of customers,” said Stoller. He quickly put that experience to good use at Nortrax when he took on his current role as a PSTR. “My role is pretty simple, I help our customers and fellow Nortrax teammates effectively use the benefits technology offers to deliver industry leading PROACTIVE customer support,” added Stoller.

So, when a large governmental agency purchased several new John Deere machines, Stoller saw an opportunity to demonstrate how technology could be harnessed to deliver high levels of both productivity and uptime, while simultaneously reducing daily operating costs. “Prior to purchasing these John Deere machines, they had owned machines built and supported by our largest competitor, so we knew it would be critical to work together as a team to ensure their new John Deere ownership experience was a great one,” stated Stoller. This customer faced two challenges common to many in the upper Midwest, remote operating locations and operating in extreme weather conditions. “Many of our customers operate their John Deere machines far away from their home bases, in really difficult terrain, and in weather conditions like blizzards and extremely cold temperatures,” said Stoller.

Ensuring the right supervisors were connected to their respective machines via JDLink™ was a critical first step in establishing an “umbilical connection” to deliver accurate and timely machine data. “We work hard to ensure our customers see technology as a tool to strengthen the relationship between Nortrax and their organizations,” added Stoller. This team approach combines the efforts of our PSTR’s and Machine Monitoring Specialists (MMS) to consistently deliver insight-based Product Support. Additionally, by training members of the customers organization, Nortrax can make certain that they can also utilize these technology tools to more effectively manage their fleet. “As soon as we could demonstrate how they could utilize JDLink to monitor things like idle time, and unproductive or inefficient operations techniques, you could literally see the light bulbs going off in their heads,” chuckled Stoller.

Tools like the industry exclusive Remote Diagnostics and Programing, when combined with the Nortrax exclusive Machine Health Prescriptions, can deliver exceptionally high levels of uptime and productivity. But perhaps the best testimonial came from this customer after one of the training events provided by Nortrax. “They commented to me how impressed they were with the John Deere and Nortrax approach at utilizing these different technologies to support them, as this was something that their prior supplier had NEVER done,” concluded Stoller.

To learn more about how John Deere WorkSight products can help you and the customers you serve, reach out to your local PSTR for the latest information and training.