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WorkSight Success Stories

When a local aggregate producer reached out to Steve Letellier, Product Support Technology Representative (PSTR) from Westbrook Maine, they were concerned about problems with a John Deere 470G excavator they had recently purchased at an auction. “When they called me they said initially the machine ran great, but something had recently changed for the worse, and they were concerned,” said Steve. After listening to the symptoms being described to him, Steve knew he’d need to get his local Machine Monitoring Specialist (MMS), Dave Noel, involved in performing some remote diagnostics.

Dave was able to connect remotely to the machine using JDLink.™ He knew right away that someone had mistakenly changed settings on the machine that had caused it to stop performing an important engine emissions reduction process. If the situation wasn’t handled quickly, the machine would begin to experience significant problems which would have resulted in downtime.

“I learned that they had switched operators, and the new guy had mistakenly turned off a switch without really knowing it,” Steve shared. By using his diagnostic skills and remote monitoring tools, Dave was able to recommend a simple Machine Health Prescription (MHP) that Steve could quickly deliver to the customer. The Nortrax exclusive MHP provides an overview of the machine problem, and a solution so the PSTR can effectively communicate this information to the customer.

“Teamwork and technology are what allowed us to impress this customer,” Steve added. Nortrax was able to utilize this approach and save this customer unnecessary service calls and downtime.

Our MMS and PSTR technology positions are the bridge between technological advances in our industry and our customers. At Nortrax, the only thing more fulfilling than solving a customers problem, is preventing it in the first place. We Stand Ready.