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WorkSight Success Stories
Start to Finish Product Support

Denis Forget, Product support technology representative (PSTR) based out of the Ottawa branch, received an Intelligence Alert Triage Center (IATC) ticket from Michel Belanger, Machine Monitoring Specialist (MMS) explaining that a local township was experiencing a severe JDLink™ alert on their 870G Motor Grader. The IATC Ticket that was created detailed that there was severe restrictions with the engine air filters, which if left uncorrected could potentially result in an expensive engine failure.

As soon as Denis received the IATC ticket, he immediately followed up with the customer at the municipal garage to provide his support. He was extremely willing to provide any answers in which they may have had regarding the issue and instructed them to immediately change the air filters. He made sure to convey professional customer service by making sure all bases were covered from parts to service, and made sure to ask if Nortrax needed to send out a field technician to their location for assistance.

The garage’s stock unfortunately did not have all parts required to fix the code, so Denis immediately arranged a same day order for the parts required and a courier was sent to pick up the parts. The approach Denis and Michel took to resolve the issue with the customer not only significantly shortened their machine down-time, but made sure the customer was accurately and effectively taken care of from start to finish.

When Denis returned to the Township to confirm their machine was back in working condition the Township representative started off immediately by saying how satisfied they were with Nortrax product support services. He explained that they were extremely appreciative that Nortrax Machine Monitoring was watching over their machine. He also mentioned that the situation with their 870G grader and how Nortrax handled it, as compared to the other dealerships they work with, would be discussed at their next municipal meeting.

At Nortrax, the only thing more fulfilling than solving a customer’s problem is preventing it in the first place. We Stand Ready. We Stand Ready.