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WorkSight Success Stories

Jim Bell, Product Support Technology Representative (PSTR) for Nortrax operations in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and Northeast Wisconsin recently partnered with Ryan Castellion, Territory Manager from the Monico, Wisconsin branch, to review John Deere WorkSight™ products with a customer who had recently purchased a new John Deere machine.

After completing the setup of the customers JDLink™ account, Jim and Ryan began covering some of the features and benefits available with John Deere WorkSight. The customer quickly began to suggest a number of different scenarios where this type of information would help his business. He was amazed when Jim used Remote Diagnostics and Programming to send several updates right to his dozer. The three of them then walked through the simple steps involved in downloading an installing the updates.

Jim described how using things like JDLink and Remote Diagnostics and Programming, they were able to offer a comprehensive package of Nortrax Ultimate Uptime solutions. Nortrax Ultimate Uptime off ers three different levels of options for our customers to choose from:

  • Level One — includes tools such as JDLink, Remote Diagnostics and Programming, FleetCare, scheduled telematics reporting, as well as, other reports, and is supported by our PSTR and MMS roles.
  • Level Two — adds a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance program and Oil Analysis.
  • Level Three — features the addition of a Total Repair and Maintenance contract which offers customers a fixed Owning and Operating (O&O) component to their machine ownership experience.

Ryan explained that Level One was already included in the price of the machine, as one of the many value added services that Nortrax provides. Jim then covered the advantages of moving up to a Level Two Ultimate Uptime Plan, to which the customer said “You guys are the real experts on this stuff. Just tell me what it’s going to cost to have you service my machine.”

Jim quickly provided the customer a price on the Nortrax Ultimate Uptime Level Two and they reviewed the customer’s O&O hourly costs, and the benefits it offered his operation. The customer decided to purchase the Nortrax Ultimate Uptime Level Two contract for his machine.

Partnering with customers to maximize their Productivity & Uptime, and lowering their Daily Operating Costs, are just some of the tasks our Nortrax PSTRs are performing each day here at Nortrax. We Stand Ready.