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WorkSight Success Stories

Nortrax Product Support traditionally gets delivered thru a local branch, but using exclusive John Deere WorkSight™ Technologies, even long distances don’t stop our efforts in delivering industry leading PROACTIVE customer support. Casey Jones, Product Support Technology Representative (PSTR) from Pembroke NH, recently had the opportunity to demonstrate this fact to a large contractor working in his area of responsibility. “This contractor had never done much business with us, so when we had the opportunity to rent them three John Deere 300D Articulated Dump Trucks (ADT), we jumped at the chance,” exclaimed Casey. While the trucks were on rent, Casey took the time to educate the contractor on the benefits of JDLink™ as well as the Nortrax Machine Monitoring program. “It didn’t take very long for this customer to recognize how we were able to positively impact their uptime by proactively monitoring these rental trucks,” shared Casey. “They liked the three ADTs enough that they bought them from Nortrax, and even added a wheel loader to the package,” said Casey smiling.

Shortly after the purchase, the contractor needed these machines on a jobsite several states away from the nearest Nortrax location. “They were already familiar with our Machine Monitoring program and really trusted the expertise of Dave Noel our Machine Monitoring Specialist (MMS), so they wanted to see how we could build on that to support them from a much longer distance,” added Casey.

“We all agreed that we needed a system that would ensure the important information that’s contained in our Nortrax exclusive Machine Health Prescriptions (MHPs) made it to the right people,” shared Casey. The system that they put into place has the Nortrax MHP going to two different groups of people for immediate action. “I receive the MHPs from our MMS Dave, and then I make sure to coordinate them with one of the contractor’s employees on site at the remote location. The great thing about an MHP is that it’s written for two different audiences, part of it in a language that people other than technicians can understand, and the other half in VERY technical details for a dealer technician to utilize. So, I ensure the customer gets the details they need to know and the local John Deere dealer who’s going to visit the site gets the technical details they need,” ex plained Casey.

Industry exclusive features like Remote Diagnostics and Programing, along with Nortrax exclusives like MHPs, delivered by our MMS and PSTR teams, are important benefits of purchasing John Deere machines through Nortrax. Our exclusive Nortrax Ultimate Uptime packages include these important benefits in each of our three levels of support. So, whether the customer is located nearby, or at some remote location, John Deere Work- Sight Technologies can positively drive productivity and uptime while lowering daily operating costs.