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WorkSight Success Stories
Brian helped patrick
hit the ground running and
prevented machine downtime.

JDLink™ delivered a low pressure fuel alert to Brian Truitt, SE Region Machine Monitoring Specialist. Brian determined that the new Orlando branch Product Support Technology Representative, Patrick Duffy, should be engaged.

Brian completed a detailed MMS event form with his recommendation for replacing the fuel filters and sent this over to Patrick, who has been in the new PSTR position for only a few weeks. Patrick immediately reached out to the customer and explained the issue with their shop manager. Since Patrick was slated to be in the area he arranged to bring the customer fuel filters for the machine to the job site.

While onsite, Patrick met with the operator and checked over the machine, where he determined that there was also an important software payload pending on the machine. While this software payload was NOT part of a Product Improvement Program, it had been sent by Deere to eliminate potential software “bugs”. These types of updates can improve the machines performance and eliminate potential downtime.

Patrick, who has not yet attended any formalize training at Nortrax, utilized a handbook developed by Brian, installed the payload on the machine and returned the machine to operation.

Working as a team, Brian and Patrick were able to resolve one potential downtime event while at the same time reducing the likelihood of a future performance complaint on the machine.

Our MMS and PSTR technology positions are the bridge between technological advances in our industry and our customers. At Nortrax, the only thing more fulfilling than solving a customers problem, is preventing it in the first place. We Stand Ready.