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WorkSight Success Stories
Technology Tools Support a Great Ownership Experience

Noaman Ashraf, Product Support Technology Representative (PSTR) from Ottawa, Ontario, recently had an opportunity to share the work he does with a local township. They operate several pieces of John Deere equipment including a 772G Grader, 544K Loader, 655K Crawler Loader and a 310SL Backhoe.

“When I was first assigned this account, the customer was not using JDLink™ at all and their 772G and 544K had factory JDLink subscriptions which had already expired,” explained Noaman. “I took the time to give them training on JDLink and make sure all their subscriptions were brought up to date. That way they could benefit from many technologies that are enabled thru JDLink,” shared Noaman.

By keeping his customers’ machines connected, Noaman can utilize the industry exclusive Remote Diagnostics and Programming as well as deliver Nortrax exclusive Machine Health Prescriptions (MHP). So recently, when the customer was notified via email by John Deere that their JDLink subscriptions were due to expire, they immediately reached out to Noaman. “I assured them that part of my job is to monitor upcoming expirations, and I had already prepared a quote that detailed exactly what needed to occur to keep them connected,” said Noaman.

“Their Fleet Manger commented that he really sees the value of using JDLink on his smart phone. It helps him to manage the fleet during the busy time of the year. Whenever an alert pops up on his phone, he has immediate awareness for what’s happening with their machines,” shared Noaman. Sometimes, depending on the severity of the issues, the Fleet Manager can reach out directly to the operator and suggest changes in how they are operating the machine. Recently, when the 772G began generating alerts for excessive exhaust temperatures, the Fleet Manager noted that the machine was operating in an area with some very large hills. He recommend changes in transmission settings to their operator to eliminate the overheating issues.

The customer recently reaffirmed their confidence in both John Deere and Nortrax with the purchase of a new 310SL backhoe loader. “Whether it’s JDLink, MHP’s or Remote Diagnostics, our customers know we’re using every technology tool we can to support them and ensure a great ownership experience,” concluded Noaman.