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WorkSight Success Stories

Sarah Tilstra, Product Support Technology Representative (PSTR) based out of Stoney Creek, in Ontario Canada, recently met with the owner of a small excavating company who uses JDLink.™ As an owner, as well as an operator, he’s not only responsible for managing a growing business, but also for ensuring his equipment stays as productive as possible. With two excavators, dozer, backhoe, mini excavator, skid steer, and dump trucks to manage, he’s one busy guy.

While Sarah was reviewing JDLink™ reports on his 2016 John Deere 210GLC Excavator he told her about how having JDLink™ helped him out of a recent billing dispute. His company had completed an excavating job, and had mailed the invoice to the customer. After reviewing the invoice, the customer reached out to him to dispute the bill. “The customer said that my operator didn’t even look like he worked the machine that hard, and there was no way the job took that many hours to complete,” he relayed to Sarah. Fortunately he knew that by using features in JDLink,™ he could easily create a report for that specific job, that not only showed how many hours the machine operated, but how “hard” the machine worked using engine utilization graphs. Armed with this information he was able to quickly demonstrate that his billing was highly accurate, and his customer quickly paid the invoice. Given that he handles the invoicing and receivable collections himself, being able to use JDLink™ has been a huge resource and time saver.

Even though Sarah’s customer still has two years left on his factory JDLink™ subscription, he’s already mentioned to her to keep an eye on it to “make sure it doesn’t expire.” He added that features like JDLink™ and the Nortrax support that Sarah delivers, will be major factors when he goes to purchase his next piece of equipment.

Our PSTR technology positions are an important bridge between technological advances in our industry and our customers. At Nortrax, the only thing more fulfilling than solving a customers problem, is preventing it in the first place. We Stand Ready.