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WorkSight Success Stories

The rental of snow removal equipment is an important business for many Nortrax locations. Since these machines must be ready to tackle a snowstorm at any time, uptime is a critical requirement for snow removal contracts.

Fortunately armed with tools like JDLink™, Remote Diagnostics, and the Intelligence Alert Triage Center (IATC), our Machine Monitoring Specialists (MMS) are more than up to the task of ensuring machines are being PROACTIVELY monitored.

So, when MMS Cameron Maw received an alert notification for an axle overheat situation on a rented snow removal machine, he knew he had to act quickly. “I knew something was wrong with the machine as soon as I saw the notification in IATC. It’s certainly NOT normal to see overheating conditions in the dead of winter,” said Cameron. “By looking at the JDLink Ultimate data I could see the problem was being caused by a sticking brake pedal and immediately generated a Machine Health Prescription (MHP) to resolve the issues,” added Cameron.

Armed with the MHP, Kurtis Graham, Product Support Technology Representative (PSTR) from Barrie, Ontario, reached out to his local product support teammates to see how quickly they could respond to the situation. Kurtis learned that the customer had just reached out to the branch to report a transmission shifting issue on the same machine. Kurtis provided the service team a copy of the MHP and ensured they understood the true nature of the actual problem. “Fortunately, since we had already done our homework BEFORE going out to the machine, we were able to ensure our technician had the new brake pedal hardware with him. We were able to repair the machine in a single trip,” explained Kurtis.

Driving uptime while at the same time reducing daily operating costs, are just two of the benefits delivered through John Deere WorkSight™. By combining industry exclusive tools such as Remote Diagnostics and Programming along with Nortrax exclusives such as MHP’s, our PSTR and MMS teams work together to deliver industry leading PROACTIVE customer support.