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WorkSight Success Stories

Rob Newman, Product Support Technology Representative (PSTR) from Chippewa Falls WI lives and works in a state with a rich history in mining. While many will recognize the badger as a mascot of Wisconsin’s Big 10 athletic teams, it’s also the Wisconsin official state mammal. Badgers are renowned for their digging abilities, so Wisconsin’s nickname as the “Badger State” came into being through the hard-won efforts of generations of miners. Today, mining plays a critical role in the state’s economy, and is especially important for the Nortrax Chippewa Falls branch.

“We work with a number of large customers whose businesses depend on the mining industry, and they tell us the same thing…Uptime and Productivity are critical to their success,” shared Rob. Often these mine sites have many pieces of construction equipment all operating in a very tightly choreographed manner.

So, when one of these customers began having issues with one of their John Deere dozers, Rob knew that responding quickly was going to be a critical success factor. “They only had one dozer, which was pushing material to an excavator which was loading five articulated dump trucks. So, when the dozer began having performance issues, it impacted their entire production process,” explained Rob. Coordinating efforts with Randy Kwapick, Machine Monitoring Specialist (MMS) they utilized John Deere’s industry exclusive Remote Diagnostics and Programming. “Based on what JDLink™ was telling us, I knew that we’d need to utilize a specialized tool called a remote recording to help us determine what was going on,” said Randy. “The machine was operating about two hours from my location, so being able to do all my diagnostics remotely really helps us in generating a Machine Health Prescription (MHP) as quickly as possible,” explained Randy.

Armed with a MHP the Nortrax service technician grabbed the necessary parts and then headed directly to the mine site. “From the moment the first information began to come in from JDLink, until our technician had the machine up and running—was an entire process that was less than four hours,” shared Rob.

By combining a high degree of teamwork and cutting- edge John Deere WorkSight technologies, Nortrax was again able to deliver industry leading PROACTIVE customer support.