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WorkSight Success Stories

When a customer with a John Deere 290G excavator began experiencing some unusual problems with his machine, he reached out to his Product Support Technology Representative (PSTR), Scott Bolger. Scott, who is based out of Sudbury, Ontario, captured the customers concerns and immediately reached out to Machine Monitoring Specialist (MMS), Daniel Gove. “The customer mentioned some specific alarms that had been going off, but the machine was continuing to operate normally, which had him both confused & concerned,” relayed Scott. So Daniel and Scott utilized JDLink™ and Remote Diagnostics to connect to the machine, and do some investigative work. “As soon as we saw the readings, we knew we had an issue with some of the software on the machine, and it was something I had seen before,” said Daniel. In his duties as an MMS, Daniel not only works directly with his peers at Nortrax, but also a select group of specialist at John Deere, and it was this group who had made Daniel aware of a potential software “bug”.

The John Deere factory in Dubuque, Iowa, is home to a handpicked group of employees who staff the Machine Health Monitoring Center (MHMC). Opened in 2017, the MHMC monitors over 80,000 Construction and Forestry machines worldwide. Through the use of sophisticated tools available only to John Deere, this team of experts works hand in hand with our own Nortrax MMS. Through close collaboration on highly technical issues, these two groups work together to minimize customer downtime and maximize their productivity.

“We had been working with the MHMC to resolve this software issue, and this machine seemed to perfectly fit the criteria for a new fix that was in development,” reported Daniel. This fix, known by its technical term, Machine Health Update (MHU), was in the validation stage at John Deere. During this phase, the MHMC works with dealers like Nortrax to go out and prove that the MHU resolves the issue without any unintended consequences.

“Armed with all this information, I was able to coordinate with the customer and our service department to schedule a service call to implement the fix called out in the MHU,” explained Scott. “The great thing was that since we were handling this all proactively, we were able to schedule it in such a way as to not cause the customer unplanned downtime,” added Daniel.

By combining sophisticated tools such as the industry exclusive Remote Diagnostics and Programming, along with dedicated MMS and MHMC teams, we’re able to deliver industry leading PROACTIVE customer support. We Stand Ready.