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WorkSight Success Stories

When Brian Truitt, Machine Monitoring Specialist (MMS) from Tampa FL began seeing JDLink™ machine alerts for a Motor Grader in central Wisconsin, he knew he’d need to reach out to Jim Bell, Product Support Technology Representative (PSTR) from Escanaba, Michigan. Yes, that’s right…Florida, Michigan, Wisconisn, and we haven’t’ even got to the part about New York!

Our MMS cover large swaths of territory in their roles supporting our customers all across North America. Thru a workflow tool, Intelligence Alert Triage Center (IATC) they are able to centrally receive and respond to alerts from JDLink equipped machines. Since April of 2016 our MMS have had over 250,000 machine alerts flow thru the IATC system. So when Dave Noel, the NY based MMS normally assigned to cover the MW & NE Regions headed to a recent Capstone Training Course, he reached out to Brian to cover the MW Region in his absence.

When JDLink alerts began coming thru IATC, Brian immediately began to diagnose the potential problem. Through the use of Remote Diagnostics, Brian was able to connect to the machine located well over 1000 miles away and determine there was an issue with the engine system. Due to government regulations, off-road engines now have to meet very strict exhaust emissions standards. These regulations have added both significant cost and complexity to the engines that John Deere and other manufacturers use in the construction and forestry industry. The problem that this machine was experiencing was directly related to the engines emissions system.

Brian contacted PSTR Jim Bell, who is responsible for this part of Nortrax territory in WI and relayed the information to him along with potential solutions to resolve the issue. Jim noted that when looking at the machines location, it was working well outside of the Nortrax area of responsibility. Jim contacted the neighboring John Deere dealership about the issue and provided the Nortrax remote diagnostics summary to the technician who would be responding to the jobsite.

Once onsite, the John Deere dealer technician ran through a series of prescribed tests but was unable to resolve the issue. The technician then called Jim Bell to ask if the Nortrax MMS (Brian Truitt) might be able to give him some additional potential solutions. Brian was able to determine the other dealer technician was unaware of a specific filter within the after treatment system, and recommend that it be removed and replaced. Once the onsite technician performed this repair, he was then able to successfully resolve the issue which had impacted the engines ability to operate normally.

By working effectively as a team both inside Nortrax as well as with a neighboring John Deere dealership, we were able to minimize a customer’s downtime and positively impact their productivity.