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  • Work pump: 190 cm³ (11.6 cu. in.)
  • Boom reach: 10 m (32.8 ft.) / 11.3 m (37.1 ft.)
  • Engine power: 155 kW (208 hp) at 2,000 rpm
  • Specifications for six-wheel configuration shown


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Intelligent Boom Control

  • A first in the harvester category, IBC provides operators with increased accuracy and productivity — bringing harvester capabilities to a whole new level.

  • With IBC, the operator controls only the harvester head while the system takes care of the boom's movement. Designed specifically to suit the harvester work cycle, the boom's movement and operation automatically adjust as the boom is taken to a tree and when the tree is in the grapple. IBC enables precise working and the selection of the correct working methods.

Smart Handling

  • Processing Power Control (PPC) lowers operating costs and increases productivity by five to 15 percent by balancing processing power and fuel economy in a variety of logging applications.

Purpose-built CH6 Boom for Impressive Lifting Force

  • The CH6 parallel harvester boom on the 1170G combines easy handling with enormous slew power ratings. Combine with the H414 harvester head for all-around utility from late thinning to regeneration harvesting.

Perfect for Thinning and Final Felling

  • The high lifting and slewing torque of the boom gives the 1170G harvester the agility needed for late-thinning and final-felling operations.

Personal Operator Preferences

  • TimberMatic ensures high productivity and easy operation by allowing operators to fine-tune all machine and harvester-head settings to personal preferences.



  • Crane ModelCH6


  • Engine ManufacturerJohn Deere
  • Engine ModelPowerTech Plus 6068
  • Displacement, ltr (Inches³)6.8 (414)
  • Rated Speed, rpm2000
  • Engine Output, kW (hp)155 (208)
  • Engine Torque, Nm (lbf / ft)978 (721)
  • Drive Configuration6 x 6
  • Transmission TypeHydrostatic-Mechanical


  • Base Carrier Length, mm (inches)7240 (285)
  • Height Over Cab, mm (inches)3768 (148.32)
  • Transport Height, mm (inches)3768 (148.32)
  • Overall Width, mm (inches)2600 (102)
  • Wheelbase, mm (inches)3870 (152.4)
  • Ground Clearance, mm (inches)633 (24.9)
  • Horizontal Reach, m (ft/in)10 (32 ft 9 in)


  • Fuel Tank, ltr (gallons (US))300 (79.3)
  • Hydraulic Tank, ltr (gallons (US))160 (42.3)
  • Number Of Alternators1
  • Reference Harvesting HeadH412
  • Felling Diameter, mm (inches)470 (18.5)
  • Delimbing Diameter, mm (inches)370 (14.6)
  • Travel Speed, kph (mph)24 (14.9)
  • System Voltage, V24
  • Pump Capacity, cm³ (Inches³)190 (11.6)


  • Operating Weight, kg (lbs)17800 (39242)
  • Weight - With Reference Head, kg (lbs)17800 (39242)

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